Connecting Fields and Tables: Discover the journey of Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o., your trusted link to the world’s freshest produce.

What we offer

Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o.

Connecting You to the World’s Freshest Fruits and Vegetables, One Harvest at a Time.

Wholesaler of Fruit, Vegetables & Food

As a leading wholesaler, Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o. is committed to bringing you a wide range of high-quality fruits, vegetables, and food products. We work closely with our global network of trusted suppliers to ensure the freshness and quality of each product we distribute, catering to the diverse needs of our customers across Eastern Europe.

Import & Export

At Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o., we’re not just a distributor – we’re your global connector. We carefully source the freshest fruits and vegetables from around the world and deliver them to tables across Eastern Europe. Our dedicated team ensures that every step, from import to export, upholds our commitment to quality, freshness, and sustainable practices

Why to choose «Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o.»?

We guarantee freshness, variety and quality

Global G.A.P

All our products are CERTIFIED and comply with European food safety regulations.


We offer competitive pricing by streamlining the supply chain from producers to consumers.


We are a family business with a target approach, which has grown internationally by developing stable and trusting relationships with our Customers and Manufacturers, under the sign of collaboration.

Working Together

Are you a retailer ?

At Food Logistic Sp. Z o.o., we deeply value our partnerships with retailers. Your business plays a vital role in bringing the world’s fresh produce to consumers’ tables.

If you’re a retailer seeking a reliable source of high-quality fruits and vegetables, we’re here to assist. Our wide-ranging selection, rigorous quality checks, and efficient distribution make us an ideal partner in your retail journey.

Join us, and let’s deliver nature’s best to more tables across Eastern Europe, together.

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